OWS PROJEKT Z Edition For Diesel Engines PZ-DIESEL

88,00 MYR each
Weight: 300 ml


Premium Secret German Blend of additives formulated specially by our german chemists to provide the best for your vehicles engine.

Tests have proven that the average motorist loses 5-15% Engine Performance and up to 30% Fuel Economy due to carbon & sludge build-up, dirty valves & fuel system. OWS proven additive formulation from Germany will restore and maintain your car's performance like new. Pamper your car with our OWS PREMIUM Z Edition.

•Restores injector spray pattern 100%, restores power and fuel economy to factory specs

• ormulated with fully synthetic detergent additives

•Cleans intake and exhaust valves, removes carbon deposits on piston and injectors

•Smooths rough idling, quieter running

•Improves combustion

•Increases octane level

•Minimises Soot Loading

• Prevents Fuel degradation

•Reduces nailing due to wear and tear

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