OWS PREMIUM Z Engine Protector Edition PZ-EP

88,00 MYR each
Weight: 300 ml


Premium Secret German Blend of additives formulated specially by our german chemists to provide the best for your vehicles engine.

Tests have proven that the average motorist loses 5-15% Engine Performance and up to 30% Fuel Economy due to carbon & sludge build-up, dirty valves & fuel system. OWS proven additive formulation from Germany will restore and maintain your cars performance like new. Pamper your car with our OWS PREMIUM Z Edition.

•Improve high temperature oil film stability in engine

• Breakthrough in friction reduction technology, extra smooth engine & silky refinement

• Coats all engine internals, forms super slippery surface resulting in increased horsepower & torque

•Minimize & Stop oil consumption

• Prevents corrosions and sludge build-up

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